Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flam hostel, Norway

This is true 'maximum thrills on a budget'. Flam hostel is probably the most unusual hostel in the whole wide world. For one thing it is very close to the city center unlike most hostels. Location is very important to me, close to the train or bus station so I can make my exit easily. This one was and besides Flam is very small and it tis at the end of Sognefjord. It is a very lively place. The grounds of Flam hostel is so beautiful, wide open spaces with fields of wild flowers. In the apple orchard at the entrance is where tents can be pitched. In the middle of the compound are the common facilities like showers and toilets and kitchen, round them are the dorms. To one side are the private cabins and to the hillside in the rear is where one parks their RV's. They cater to everyone. Let me plan your trip to Norway.

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