Saturday, October 10, 2015

Freedom to roam around in the world

I have gone to a lot of traveling sites and all I read is 'what is the reason for...' what did you learn...? I travel because I love it. I go somewhere because I saw some compelling pictures. Do I have to learn anything? I don't know. I've never been to any of the Nordic countries. All I hear is they are too expensive and that prohibited me from even attempting to go there. I just retired and since I had time, I decided to travel to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway all at once instead visiting them one by one. What do I hope to learn? I don't know, besides do I have to learn anything? Can't I just go and see what is there? Yes, of course! Even as I write about my experiences, I'm not going to tell my readers why they should go and what they can learn there. Just read as a friend telling stories of her trip. We are free to choose where we roam in this world and why. I can only say that my experiences were so varied and amazing. I came to learn about their artists, their musicians, their culture, their food and their state of mind. Above all I saw a natural wonder so incredible that few words can describe them. I met peoples so magnificent that would make the Vikings proud.
Picture is of Christiania in Copenhagen.

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