Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First stop England

This past summer I traveled alone for 3 months.My first stop was England. I wanted to see it at its most glorious, wild flower meadows, old fashioned roses and bright sunshine and of course sprinkled with the occasional rain drops. I did fulfill all these and more. Its been so wonderful that I want to repeat this experience next year. This was the city of Cambridge, in a church yard among the ancient tomb stones. I took the train from London. I had wanted to stay the night there but I couldn't find cheaper lodgings so I went was a day trip from London. It was a bright sunny day and a sunday. All the church bells were ringing and there were a lot of churches and therefore a lot of church bells. I walked outside and listened in to hear the familiar liturgy of the Anglican church to which I'm so accustomed because I was raised as an Anglican. I paid for a guided tour and got the most informative tour which brought us into places we otherwise on our own couldn't go. It was quintessentially England.

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