Friday, October 30, 2015

Musee de la vie romantique, Paris

Tucked in a little corner in the Montmatre district of Paris is this old house. It is very unusual to find a free standing old house in Paris. Paris is so built up but if you look and try very hard to find it, you'll happen upon it. I walked up and down, asking everyone I bump into. They (the Locals) don't even where it is but I did find it. It is a very pretty house, full of momentous of the original owner, Ary Scheffer and his friends. He was a Dutch painter and he held a salon in this house and famous people like Eugene de la croix, George Sand and Chopin used to attend. The tiny front garden is very pretty. Its like this little gem in a huge city of Paris, quite refreshing to visit and spend a little time, in the garden and the cafe.

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