Sunday, October 18, 2015

Royal Denmark

My hostel, the new Generator hostel, in Copenhagen was near the 'storget' a fancy shopping area. The Generator hostel chain is a series of very modern hostels popping up in the major capitals of Europe. All told I stayed in three of them, Copenhagen, Paris and London. I love the ones in Paris and Copenhagen. These are newly designed hostels and are really modern, with modern bunk beds, lockers, security, power and Internet hookups and shower/toilet facilities. Mixed dorms are beginning to gain popularity, not because of any hanky lanky, because there is none of that but it offers the opportunity of meeting a greater variety of people. Not only do hostels offer affordable lodgings, there is companionship, one is never alone, in fact, I have given my address to a few people that if they are ever in my part of the world, they can stay with me. We've become friends on Facebook. Having a hotel room to oneself has other advantages, I can do laundry and hang things around the room but I hide them during the day when the maids come to clean.

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