Friday, October 16, 2015

Meanwhile back in London

I spent the first 10 days of my 3 month trip in England because I knew when I return after a few months it will be a different season. So I saw England at its splendorous peak. While it is very expensive in London, there are lots of free things to do, most of the major museums from the British museum are free to enter. There are lots of park lands and gardens that are free. I had time for only one, Regent's park. I've heard about the Queen Mary rose garden inside Regent's park and I had to go visit. I was not disappointed, far from it. They are said to have at least 4,000 varieties. I especially adore the old fashioned English roses. If you are like me, this is where you are going to see them. There were so many. They say, 'smell the roses' you'd better be prepared because there are a lot to smell and you have to fight the bees. It was truly lovely. You must visit and best during the first two weeks of June.

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