Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back in Helsinki, Finland

After breakfast this morning I walked around the compound taking one last look before I headed over to the train station to take the train back to Helsinki. I saw these by the water's edge, almost fell over, had to move very gingerly. Of all things, 'wild strawberries', didn't expect to see any. I know they are around. I ran back to my room, took out the camera and started to snap away. I know, I know, why bother with weeds but I'm this strange person. Sometimes I wondered why I can't be nonchalant like most people. The train station in Savonlinna is just a small track, we catch the train to Parikala to join the main train going to Helsinki. I'm back in Helsinki now. Its crazy busy, filled with people from all over the world. My room has a view of the port, while I was in the shower, a ferry cruise ship just berthed. We had a great day today but its raining now at 5pm. I have 2 more days in Finland and I fly to Oslo, Norway to start the Norwegian leg of my trip.

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