Sunday, July 19, 2015

The garden at Ainola, Jean Sibelius estate, Finland

 There were quite a number of different kinds of apple trees throughout the estate.
 There were numerous black currant bushes also.
 And these are red currants, quite a few of these bushes.

 If you are not watchful, you'll miss these babies, wild strawberries. I tasted one and it was good. I should have picked more because I saw someone had already raided the bushes before me.
 Here are the blackberry bushes, unripe still
I had to do this, pick some flowers, some lupines, the last of them, most are going to seed. Imagine the crop next year. Jean Sibelius loved to take nature walks. I do too. I think I have satisfied all my cravings for wild flower meadows and nature walks. Its been great. Thank you Finland for your wonderful hospitality. You're the best.

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