Friday, July 10, 2015

Last day in Turku, Finland

 I asked this lady what's these were for? She said, 'sauna.' Oh yes, I've seen them slap themselves with these birch branches to increase blood flow. I'm here at the market square in Turku. I have my train ticket for Helsinki for tomorrow.
 This guy is selling potatoes, still with dirt on them, all kinds of potatoes. I do like their new potatoes, has a very delicate taste to them.

 This couple were making more birch branches. The old guy showed me how to tie it after she's done. Its quite cool.

 This is how the locals do their shopping though I don't think a lot of the fruits came from their garden. Its too early for cherries, peaches or apricots in Finland. I think these items comes from Portugal.
 Turku cathedral is quite impressive. I did say some prayers in there.
 Then I went for 'fika.'
 It was a lovely morning. It's been raining the past 3 days. Today was the first dry day and it wasn't that hot. It was so perfect outside.
 I had coffee and a slice of rhubarb pie. This was very delicious rhubarb pie. I must do more with rhubarb when I get home. The sparrows were waiting for crumbs but there won't be any from this table. I'm going to eat every morsel.
Good bye Turku. Thanks for the memory. Its been wonderful.

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