Monday, July 06, 2015

Meanwhile back in Turku

 Most restaurants are only opened the few hours around lunchtime and when they do, the lines go round the block. Finns try to eat their biggest meal around lunchtime and most restaurants would lay out a lavish buffet. They don't usually eat dinner anymore. It was the same case today, yesterday the line was so long. I had to investigate as to why. The food is ok, not that great. I've had better food in Sweden. So today I ate here and I won't be needing dinner but I do have a few buns in my room for 'fika' later.

 This is an open air museum preserving long lost Finnish art, craft and life. They have an old herbal pharmacy also but it was closed today.

I went to the food hall across the street to check things out. Its an old converted train station and they reuse all the old wooden train carriages. It's very effective. Its early yet and I'm back at the hostel. I think I'm going to nap. Its hard to get to sleep, the light goes a little dimmer at 10pm and by 5am the sun is up again after not even setting.

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