Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday in Bergen

 St Mary, built in the 12thC but rebuilt a few times. Its Norwegian and I think they are Lutheran. When I went this morning, an Anglican service was going on and they wouldn't let anyone in. Finally I persuaded the guy guarding the door to let me in to attend the service. I caught the last part, but if he had let me in earlier I could have participated in Holy Communion. Anyway I got in the last prayer, the last blessing and the last hymn which I sang with gusto. The usher remarked that I should join their choir.
 It had a very beautiful altar piece, a triptych, very nice.
 and an ornately carved pulpit, also very nice.

 It still has traces of medieval frescoes on some of the walls, also very nice.

 Then I went to the Hanseatic museum. The first time I went it was pouring cats and dogs. Today, like yesterday was very good, nice and dry.
 This is the defunct leprosy hospital. For some reason Norway had quite a few cases of leprosy until recently.

I love scenes like this, the roses rather than a Virginia creeper, climbing the walls of buildings.

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