Sunday, July 12, 2015

Porvoo, Finland

 Its about the cutest place I've ever seen. Its quite like Rauma except its bigger, it sits against a hillside and there is a river that flows in front of it. It rained all day but it didn't deter anyone. The tourist bus kept coming all day long. We trudged along all through the three hours we were there. I said, 'we' because I shared a room in the hostel with Catherine from Athens and we took the bus there together, took 45 minutes from Helsinki's Kamppi (bus station). Its a bunch of old wooden houses now turned into residences, museums, shops and restaurants.

 This was the scene all day long, there was no let up of the rain and visitors.
 I've never bumped into so many groups of Chinese before, they were in Stockholm and they are here in Finland.
 Next to the river front are the former warehouses now being restored into homes and museums.

 The rain didn't stop these rowers. They tell us this is their worse summer because they hardly saw the sun.

 This is the yard of a rich family, now the house is a museum but the yard is still so pretty.

Its such an adorable place. It was enjoyable in spite of the rain.

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