Sunday, July 05, 2015

Turku, Finland

 Today is Sunday and its hot. Nothing is opened and everyone is laying around sunning themselves. There is a river that splits the city of Turku into two and ships and boats of all kinds are docked here on both sides.

 There is a museum of old ships here near the port. I arrived last night by ferry cuise ship from Mariehamn. I was overwhelmed, the throngs of people on the ferry. Viking (pronounced veeking) lines is very clever. They have these new cruise ships, one starts out from Stockholm for Turku, stops halfway at Mariehamn. The other starts from Turku for Stockholm and also stops halfway at Mariehamn. They time them to arrive at Mariehamn at the same time. The Stockholm people goes to Mariehamn and changes ships to return to Stockholm. The Turku people goes to Mariehamn, changes ships and returns to Turku. None of them ever steps onto land. The idea is to get on board with their family, spend the day at sea and brings home a ton of alcohol. There are duty free shops on board. So I was among the throng of Finns who were on board buying alcohol. I was overwhelmed. I got to talk to this girl who works in Stockholm and was coming back to see her folks. She said she'll show me how to take the bus to downtown. Bus number 1, remember that, it goes from the port to the centre of town and then to the airport. So today I was on my own and I took bus number 1 a few times. The hostel was full on Saturday and I had to get an expensive hotel downtown. So today I moved into the hostel.
This is my hostel and will be my port for the rest of the week. My room is a ship's cabin. Its noisy with all the wires knocking around and I think the ship is moving too! I hope I don't get seasick.

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