Friday, July 24, 2015

Lunch in Bergen and a visit to the art museum

 What's in the tank? Why they're live lobsters! This is the seafood market at the harbor.
 There were so  much to choose from, I had trouble choosing what to eat for lunch.

 I finally settled on paella. This was good paella which reminds me that I got to make some paella when I get home.

 The air in winter is so dry that the locals just leave the fish outside to dry. I guess they need to be reconstituted before using.
 I discovered a Norwegian painter whose work I really like, Nikolai Astrup. The museum was free and I could take pictures. I took lots which I could almost make a book out of them. Wow!

 His work depicts life in rural Norway with lots of wild flowers. He touched me.
The man himself, a self portrait.

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