Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oslo 2, Norway

 I went to the Munch museum this morning. There was a corresponding exhibition of Van Gogh going on comparing the two painters. It was good, a lot of the works by Van Gogh was on loan from Amsterdam.
 I saw 'the scream' by Edvard Munch. It was quite a small painting but it was good.
 I took the metro to get there and had to walk through a park to get to the museum. The walk was lined with cherry trees, some even had cherries in them. I picked some to eat, they were very small and not too sweet but still good. I had fun eating freshly picked cherries. There were red cherries....
 and black cherries....the birds didn't mind that I took some of their cherries. There were plenty to go around.
 Then I took the ferry to get across the bay. Up till then the weather was incredible. As soon as I finished lunch, the skies opened. I think these are cloud burst but still its annoying. It rained the whole day yesterday.
 The Oslo bay is so beautiful and across the bay where I went, the homes there were so beautiful. Its an expensive neighborhood.
 There was a restaurant that I went specially to have lunch. As I walked through the neighborhood, I saw some wild raspberries in the hedges. I picked some to eat and they were really good. I love foraging.
 The waiting area of the restaurant. The food was OK but terribly expensive.
 Most of the homes were painted all white except for a few like this one. It looked like a doll house in the woods.
The center of Oslo, Karl Johan Gate from one to the other end which is the palace. I went to the Henrik Ibsen museum yesterday. He was a famous Norwegian playwright. His home was incredible. I leave Oslo tomorrow for Bergen. I finalized my onward plans last night. Its a good thing I was able to find a hotel because everyone is heading for Bergen. The 8am train is full. I'm taking the 12 noon train reaching Bergen at 7pm.

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