Saturday, July 11, 2015

Helsinki, Finland

 The Russian Orthodox church, again at the top of the hill. Why do they place those churches so high up. Haven't they seen today's church goers? We're all an old bunch. Anyway they were only opened because of a wedding.
 Its always great to see people still get married in churches.
 My hostel is right next to the water front market place and there were a lot of things going on, shopping, eating and cruising, Helsinki is one big party.

 Reindeer, mink and fox furs, they're all here and they are not afraid of peta!
 These are the wild blueberries, they are smaller and less sweet than their cultivated cousins. I bought some to eat.

Fish, fish and more fish. If you love fish, then this is your kind of place. I left Turku by train this morning and by 11am arrived in Helsinki. After asking a few questions I was able to get to my hostel by tram. This was my second choice of hostel, the first was full. Now I know why, there is an international gymnastic competition in town. I just saw a Slovakian continent arriving at this hostel. I shall be here 2 days then I go to the lakes for the week and will return to Helsinki for another few days before heading for Norway.

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