Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Balestrand, Norway

 Last look at Balestrand. My ferry ride arrives in a few hours and I got to be heading down to the harbor quite soon.
 I did walk around this morning before breakfast. Some hotels faces the fjord and some lucky people do wake up with this view. Not me, my room faces the back but I can see mountain tops with snow at their peaks. Its so beautiful. How wonderful to be living here even though they have to face a long dark cold and wet winter. These few summer months sort of make up for it. The sun is out today and I think summer has finally arrived in these parts.

This is the sitting area of my hotel, it consists of an old house and a new and modern annex. Its the only place in town that has rooms left. There's this big hotel that is filled up, with huge busloads of Chinese visitors. If I post again today it will be from Flam.

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