Friday, July 17, 2015

Savonlinna 2, Finland

 I took a cruise round the islands this morning. It was raining, had to buy an umbrella, lost my raincoat, left it on a bench.
 We sailed round Olavinlinna castle, its been rebuilt many times but is still spectacular. The Swedish built it when they ruled over Finland to defend against the Russians. The Russians did attack many times and eventually took it and ruled Finland before giving it its independence eventually.
 Imagine almost every house has water frontage and owns a boat of some sort.

 The castle sits isolated in the water but there is a movable pontoon bridge that allows visitors entry to it. They opened the bridge every now and then to allow the tall ships passage through that channel.

 I thought I saw this wild meadow in the midst of all the beautiful neighborhoods. I got excited. I'm happiest when I'm out photographing nature.
 Oh no, its actually some one's front yard. It belonged to this house. Wow. I'd give anything to own this place, its just my kind of place. I went next door, the next door was a hotel. I got to get a closer look at that dream place. I told myself I need to leave soon or I'll be tempted to trespass and be locked  up in a Finnish jail.

The hotel's yard was manicured. It had a few apple trees and a few red currant bushes.

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