Thursday, July 02, 2015

Geta and Soltuna

 I took the bus this morning to Geta in the north of Aland. There wasn't anything here to see at all. I was ready to return with the bus without even leaving it. The bus driver persuaded me to walk up the hill to Soltuna and have coffee. So I walked and walked which seemed like for hours but it was only 20 minutes to this restaurant. It did have a great view.

 I had lunch and decided to leave and wait for my bus. I saw a few cyclists coming up the hill.

I made a mistake regarding the bus schedule. I thought it was coming at 3pm so I waited for 2 hours then realized I made an error. It was coming at 5pm and I waited 2 more hours. Four hours later I was crying and I was cursing everyone and everything. There were a few bright spots, this church with a lovely cemetery and there was a constant stream of people coming to tend the plots. An old Finnish man waited with me. I waved him goodbye as I boarded the bus. This is really a beautiful corner of the world, lots of apple orchards. This is the apple growing area of Finland and I can imagine in the fall the place would be all red with ripening apples. Come back in Fall? I don't mind visiting places like this if I know I can leave it.

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