Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Tampere, Finland

 The bus going there took 3 hours, we had to stop at every little plea. We stopped at Nokia. I thought Nokia was a phone but it actually is a little town. They used these cut glass to serve which I thought was very effective.
 It is a very simple, very Nordic design, nothing precious, in fact I think they used plywood to face the counters. They left the ceiling as is but painted everything white and it made it look more finished, or shall I say more Finnish! I loved it.

 A river runs through the town. They used to harnessed the speedy river to run the linen mills. Today a lot of the industrial old buildings are still standing but converted to other use.
 Here is another eclectic coffee shop. Pity there isn't more of them. Just as in any city it takes the few creative ones to transform the place. There seems to be more creative types in Paris than anywhere else. People respond to it. This place was busy. I'm sure we're all paying at least 2 euros more for each cup of coffee. We're gladly and willing to pay that for the ambience.
 This is the most beautiful church in the whole of Finland, built in 1907. The design is unusual and the murals inside are even more so. I don't get it. I didn't have time to do any research so I can't explain it.
 These are paintings of naked boys, the private parts being hidden by a string of wreath!

 Some of the old buildings have been converted to creative purposes, artists' workshops.
The Eastern Orthodox church sits high on a hill. Its so steep, I had trouble climbing to it. They have install an outdoor lift to help those who really climb those steep steps. Remember Finland, at one time, was under the Russians. I'm surprised I don't see more Russian influence.

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