Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oslo to Bergen train

 I left Oslo at 12 noon and arrived at 7pm in Bergen. It took 7 hours and it is one of the world's most spectacular train journeys. After we left Oslo, we started climbing until the highest town is Finse at 1110m. While there is no snow at the station, there were plenty all around.

Imagine this is the end of July. Its been the coldest summer on record, it rained a lot and its been very cool. Then after this town we descend rapidly until we reached Bergen. On top there is no vegetation, just some moss. The lush grass and trees came back again and the wild flowers can be seen again. It was a great ride. My body is still rolling like its still on a train. I met many other travelers, each with their own story. This part of the trip has been the most enjoyable. Before I arrived, I keep thinking, 'what could there be in Norway?'

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