Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kuopio, Finland

 I arrived yesterday. My cheap hostel doesn't have internet. So I'm at the waiting room in the train station across the street doing this. There is an unsecured line belonging to the coffee shop and that's their service that I'm using. I thought the trip here was wasted but I did find some things to do to fill up my 2 days here.
 Here is the very lively market place. I went there for coffee and doughnut this morning.
 I ate some of their wonderful strawberries.
 They put berries on everything especially their pastries.
 I went on a lunch cruise, had lunch on the boat, went over the another island for wine tasting.

They make wine from the abundant berries that they have in Finland. Here we have black currant wine, white currant wine and my favorite, the sweet black currant liquor. Its sweet and fortified. I just got back and am in the waiting room of the train station doing this. It turned out to be a nice day after all.

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