Thursday, July 09, 2015

Rauma, Finland (UNESCO world heritage site)

 This was a shorter bus ride, 2 hours into cute little Rauma. They saved a bunch of 18th and 19thC old wooden houses and placed them together in the center of town. These places are turned into cafes, restaurants, artists' workshops, shops and all kinds of things and it is really pretty and delightful.
 Of course, as usual, the first order of business is coffee and cake and in this case a doughnut filled with cloudberry jam. Mmmmmm really delicious.

 These sugar snap peas are huge. I've never seen them so big before. We have them in our market in Los Angeles but they are not as big. I love to just chomp on them raw.

 Here are some local kids performing in the market square.

I loved it, its so homey, reminded me of home. It made me want to go home but 6 weeks into my 16 weeks trip, I'm no way near going home yet. I still have a lot more ground to cover. But this trip has been so educational. I've come into contact with some very fine Nordic people! The countryside is so beautiful. It rained on and off the whole day, in fact, the past 3 days. They promised us fine weather tomorrow. My last day in Turku is tomorrow, then I go on to Helsinki.

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