Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flam, Norway

 I arrived in Flam this afternoon. It was a culture shock, the place is so crowded and so commercialized. Its so crazy. The endless lines of Asians everywhere and the numerous tour buses. My god, I've never seen anything like it. Otherwise it is a really pretty place. I'm staying at a hostel/camping site. This place is something else too, there are tents pitched everywhere under the apple trees. There are RV's all over the hillside. One can rent private cabins or sleep in a dorm. I'm sleeping in a girl's dorm tonight, just for one night. I leave to take the train to go back to Bergen tomorrow.
 The wild flowers are still all over the hillside. It makes this camp ground really pretty.

 The lines and lines of huge tour buses and huge cruise ships. I don't know how they can drive those huge cruise ships up here.
 There is famous train and the lines of Chinese tourists at every running is crazy scary.
 I did a short hike and ran into a raspberry farm. I trespassed and went in to pick some. Three Chinese tourists saw me do it and they followed.
I'm taking this train tomorrow.

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