Saturday, July 25, 2015


 Sunshine, what a rare sight. This was Bergen this morning, so amazingly beautiful when the sun is shining. Here a bunch of us was waiting for a ferry to Rosendal, 2 hours away in one of the fjords.
 We passed numerous wooden summer cottages, some seem so remote that I don't know how they can access them. The sea was calm, just a pane of glass, glistening in the sun.
 At Rosendal, there were numerous cottages with pretty gardens.

 The snow can still be seen on a lot of mountain tops and of course water falls too.
I love the local strawberries. I ate a lot in Finland and here in Norway I decided I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. They were good, so fresh, just picked.
 Rosendal is known for this estate, the Baroniet Rosendal, a castle with a huge park like garden.
 Everyone was enjoying the day. This little boy decided to roll himself down the hill.
 Another family was having a picnic down the slope.
 Others were eating at the Rosendal's cafe. I didn't eat here. I was starving and I ate at the first restaurant I saw.

It was just a perfect day, the place is beautiful and the sun was shining. I couldn't ask for more.

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