Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Berlin, Germany, second day

 Everyone in bloggerland knows about Roamers' cafe in Berlin, a little hole in the wall joint in Kreuzberg district, a predominantly Turkish neighborhood. Its not easy to find and you'll be surprised that there's a charming place like that there.

 I didn't know how big the portion was. I ordered too much food and am still full the whole day.
 This was my toast and jam.
 The food was really good and very reasonable in price too. Another girl was taking photos too. I offered to let her to take pictures of my food. She did.

 By the time I left an hour later, it became so crowded. It was a great experience. What a charming place. Then I went to the Bode museum, an exhibition hall of Byzantine art, it was very good. The whole building is beautiful and is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

It was so hot. Its late afternoon now and is still hot. All I could do was stay hydrated, walk slowly, rest in the shade constantly.

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