Friday, August 07, 2015

Nordby and Sonderho on Fano island, Denmark

 The island of Fano is on the far western coast of Jutland off the city of Esbjerg. I took the train to Esbjerg, then take a short ferry ride over to Fano and landed in Nordby. It is so pretty, lot of cute summer cottages with gardens filled with all kinds of pretty flowers.

 The whole of Nordby seems to drip with hydrangeas, hollyhocks and roses. Then I took the bus to the Southern part of the island, to Sonderho. It wasn't as pretty, more sparse and less flowers. I came across this cute farm stand.

 The farmer went to the back garden to snip some fresh sage for a customer. How cute is that.
 I tried one of his gooseberries, these were sweet. I didn't buy any because the package was kind of big. I didn't think I could eat them all.
 Then I went in search of food. I noticed that while there are lots of home bakers in Sweden, there are less in Denmark, outside of Copenhagen. So if I should come across a home bakery I will always try to buy something. It just makes me want to run home and do a whole of baking.
 The area between Nordby and Sonderho is filled with summer cottages and everyone is here enjoying the last rays of summer. The summer schedule for the buses ends August 23. Its coming up.
 There were also a lot of houses for sale too like this one.
Its been a beautiful day on Fano island.

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