Monday, August 24, 2015

Roman bath, Prior park, Bath spa, England

 I decided that after breakfast I'll head out to take pictures before the tourist hordes arrive. I wanted to see what time the Roman baths were going to be opened and was I had to pass by Bath Abbey, I saw their doors were opened. They have a prayer meeting every day at 8.30am. I went in to join them. It was very meaningful. I always welcome any opportunity to attend church, whether a service or a prayer meeting. I talked to the lady pastor.
 Then I walked over to the Roman baths, they are just next to each other. The baths were very impressive, they were huge. One would think that the big size was because the town of Bath was huge. Bath was never very big. The Baths are huge because there is a source of natural hot water. Most if not all Roman baths even in Rome are not very big because they don't have natural hot water. They have to heat their baths and that is expensive. The water temperature was very comfortable. One can jump into it right now and be so comfortable. There was a fountain where we can taste the mineral water. It doesn't taste that bad but its not the most delicious water.

 Then I  took the local bus to Prior park. It used to be owned by Ralph Allen, a rich industrialist and upon his death he deeded the park to the National Trust. Today its opened to the public. It rained the whole day. I walked in the rain regardless.
 On top I can see the city of Bath down below and the beautiful Palladian bridge that Ralph Allen built over the river.
 I was tempted to come by the brochure advertising blackberry picking. Indeed the whole trail was covered with ripening blackberries and I ate to my heart's content. There were blackberry brambles everywhere. I was expecting blackberry picking and I got it.
There were plums too but they weren't ripe yet. This is a lovely area just outside the city of Bath and everywhere there are huge estates, gated estates. Its nice to be rich. I'd love to live in one of those mansions.

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