Sunday, August 02, 2015

Gamle Stavanger, Petroleum museum, Ovre Holmgate, Stavanger

 Gamle Stavanger or old Stavanger is a collection of old wooden houses that has been rehab into private residences. Every home has a garden of varying sizes and is jammed packed with flowers of every description and color. The roses climbed up the sides of houses or they spill from balconies and terraces. It was an incredible delight just to dawdle along these rows and rows of houses.

 This is Ovre Holmgate district of Stavanger, a colorful and chic places, full of cafes and shops. Shops are not opened on Sundays but the cafes are.

 Then I visited the very impressive petroleum museum. Norway has off shore drilling for oil and gas. In fact Stavanger has a few oil platforms just outside its coast. The museum is built into the harbor and has lots of simulations that really resemble real life. Its an interesting place, not just for kids but for adults as well.
Lonely Planet recommended a restaurant thats located inside the museum, the Bolgen and Moi cafe. I had luck here and watched the action at the harbor. The ferries doesn't stop at all, no sooner has it docked and deposited its load, they are off again. I watched as private yachts sail around and enjoy the glorious day. Today was exceptional, the sun was shining, it rained yesterday. Then this rescue ship came into view and turned around. I think it was doing some training maneuvers. As I munched on my incredible lunch and watch the ships in the harbor, I couldn't help but feel so blessed. I started to cry. My time in Norway is coming to an end in a few days. I've loved my time in Norway.

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