Monday, August 31, 2015

Little Venice in Maida Vale, London

 London, still has a series of canals running in the center of it. They are still in use, probably not for hauling goods but more for houseboats. Little Venice in Maida Vale is where 2 canals meet, the Regent's canal and the Grand Junction canal. One can walk the whole length of the 2 canals but unfortunately I ran out of time. I got up early this morning, walked out in the rain and came here to this little corner, to Little Venice, the underground stop is Warwick Avenue and follow the signs.

Maida Vale is a very upscale neighborhood but right in front is the canal of Little Venice with all the houseboat dwellers. They make it as homey as possible. Then I hopped back into the underground for Soho to buy a Chinese roast duck. I took it over to my other aunt to see her and to have lunch with her and my cousin. It was a very nice visit. I'm leaving tomorrow for home. There's a bag of leftover toiletries in the bathroom with a sign that says, 'its been a great 5 weeks, here's some leftover toiletries, help yourself to what you need...' Well, its been an awesome 3 months. Thanks for the memories. I'll be back......very soon!

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