Monday, August 10, 2015

Berlin, Germany

 I left Denmark this morning and after many trains, I'm finally in Berlin. I was here last year but in a more sanitized district. This time I think I'm in the hip Prenzlauer district, lots of cool and hip eateries and I found a bed in a mixed dorm. They are hard to come by, the hostels fill up very fast and you need to book ahead. For one thing it is cheap, the other its full of young people, lots of travel stories to share, they go bar hopping and are a lot of fun, even though I don't share their activities. Its fun just listening to them.

 I haven't eaten since breakfast in Denmark. So I went to one of the little eateries to eat. They don't take credit cards. I guess they don't want to pay the taxes. After 2 months in the Nordic countries, I was quite shocked. The Nordic countries prefer to take credit cards because they have to declare every penny of earnings to the government. They understand that to continue to enjoy the type of life they have they must all contribute to the system or else they'll end up like Greece.

I went into a bakery to buy a cinnamon bun. I like it when they have home baked goodies.

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