Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lubbunau (Spreewald) Germany

 This is very similar with the Hortollonages of Amien that I visited 2 years ago. The difference is this is an inland body of water with the river Spree meandering around the forest and leaving pockets of islands. These islands are then built up and houses constructed on them and crops planted. So a bunch of flat bottom boats loaded a group of us and the boatman punted us on the canals. It wasn't very pretty because the route he took was to a restaurant in an out of the area place. We were then herded into the restaurant. Everything was in German and no one spoke English. I didn't know what to expect. All I wanted was take a ride around the canals for an hour, then make my own way around to see the rest of the village. The canal ride took an hour and a half, then I asked how long is lunch going to take... another hour and a half? It wasn't acceptable, I was like a prisoner, I resented that. So I asked the way back to town, took me an hour to walk back in the hot sun. It was so hot. I barely could stay cool. I didn't pay, just walked out, they kept me captive, so what do you expect. What a tourist trap!

 We did go through 2 locks and that was interested.

 Now you know why apples and blackberries are always paired together, because they ripen together!
It was a pretty place but if you do go, ask questions, don't let them just railroad you! It's easy to go there from Berlin.

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