Saturday, August 08, 2015

Odense, Denmark

 Odense was the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen but nothing that is of his remains. Everything in Odense was built way after him. The city do try to play up his presence but there is none.
 This house is called the Hans Christian Andersen house, its more like a fairy tale house, something out of his fairy tales.

 There are a few half timbered buildings scattered in various places in the very compact city.
 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop and do a little sketching of the hollyhocks and the half timbered buildings.

A market was in full swing. I didn't spend that much time in Odense. I spent more time getting there and back on the trains. There's going to be major interruptions in the rail service from tomorrow onwards. DSB is expanding, laying new tracks. They need it, the trains are short and doesn't have enough capacity. So they need more tracks and more carriages. I know that Alstom (French rail carriage maker) are in town because I bumped into them at my hotel.

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