Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Berlin, third day

I started my day with coffee and a bun at the cafe a block from my hostel. They bake their own stuff in the back and they're really busy. They make good stuff. I went to Sachsenhausen, the concentration camp just outside Berlin. I took the metro, to the train, to the bus and to the train again and walked the last 15 minutes. It was very good visit. This was one of the first concentration camps and was a kind of prototype for the concentration camps to follow. This was where political prisoners were kept but it was no less horrific and brutal. I saw the cell where they kept Martin Niemoller, the theologian. Then I went to Potsdamer plats. Its just so built up with buildings of glass and steel. Its hard to imagine this was where the wall divided West and East Berlin. Today only a few pieces of the wall is on display.

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