Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Musee de la vie romantique, Paris

I arrived a few hours ago and went straight to look for the musee de la vie romantique which was close by. It's the only kind of house that is left in Paris and has been turned into a museum. Originally it was the home of painter, Ary Scheffer and this is where most of his paintings can be seen. He had very notable visitors, all living around the romantic period in French history, George Sand, Eugene delacroix, Chopin and a whole hosts of others. The house has been left exactly as it was when they lived in it. Its not easy to find, to look for a house among all the tall concrete buildings of modern Paris. I took the TGV train from Frankfurt and arrived at Paris Est station. Imagine a French train rolling through the countryside of Germany. I love the new TGV trains, they are so state of the art. Its a much improvement over the original TGV trains that I  used to ride in over the years.

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