Saturday, August 01, 2015

Preikestolen or Preacher's pulpit, Norway

 I wasn't going to do the hike today but I went down to the harbor and everyone was boarding the ferry to go to Tau and from there a bus will take them to the trail head for Pulpit rock. I said to myself, 'why not.' I went along with the crowd and before I knew it I was on the trail hiking and climbing to Pulpit rock. It was a grueling 3 hour climb because I was slow. I keep telling myself, 'rest a little, go at your own pace, its not a race.' The rocky steps were uneven and we had to heave ourselves over huge rocks and boulders, took everything out of me.
 The thing to do is to hang out and enjoy being there. I had someone take my picture and I headed down. It was crowded coming up, it will be crowded on the way down. The only good thing about coming down was I didn't have to heave my body over rocks and boulders. I just need to make sure my steps were firm. It was raining on the way down. It took me 3 hours to get up there and 2 and 1/2 hours to get down.
 The view up there can't be beat. It was spectacular.
 Some parts of the trail just hug the cliffside. There were pie-tons drilled into the rock and chains placed there and the trail just hugged the cliff and we had to slide through there. It was scary. The whole climb was scary because one could so easily fall or twist an ankle. They do recommend shoes that grip. Mine shoes does grip but I feel the rocks tearing at them.
This is the happy moment because whoever is standing here has made it to the top. I made it.

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