Thursday, August 06, 2015

Christiansfeld, Norway

 Christiansfeld was a town established by the Moravians in 1773. Today the number of Moravians is only around 150, the rest of the population are regular Danes. A lot of the old buildings have been restored and the town has grown and retained the Moravian architecture. Here is the entrance to that old cemetery. The founder of the Moravians was Jan Hus of Bohemia. He, like Martin Luther, was ex-communicated by the Catholic church. They fled Bohemia, present day, Czech republic. Today Moravians, though small in number are found scattered all over the world. In July 2015 Christiansfeld was added to the UNESCO world heritage list.
 This is the old church which is painted all white inside and is unusual.

 The monks used to make a honey cookie. Today's bakers still carry on the traditional except they sandwich them with an apricot filling and cover them with a chocolate ganache, very decadent.
 Here's time for a coffee and cake break, its death by chocolate.

 I'm more interested in the wild areas than the groomed. I'm always poking around in places I'm not allowed to go. I found a patch of wild strawberries, lots of them, all very ripe.
 I could have picked enough for a pie but I was embarrassed in case the locals think I'm nuts. So I just picked a few to eat. They were really good, juicy and sweet.
 This is Southern Jutland and I'm feeling the heat of summer. I haven't felt heat the last 2 months. When I started this trip the apples were little nibs. As I travel around the apples are growing bigger everywhere. Soon before this trip ends it will be apple picking season.
Its almost time to harvest the wheat in Southern Jutland. This area has monuments to commemorate the reunion of Southern Jutland with Denmark after years of being under the Prussian-German Empire.

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