Thursday, August 20, 2015

Musee de Montmartre, Paris

 High above the Montmartre area is this little paradise, this garden of Eden. It is very unusual. Long before this area was so urbanized, it used to be a little village where there was a vineyard, a lot of cabarets and a lot of artist and bohemian types hang out and lived here. Today the vines are still there and wine is still being produced.
 This is the famed Renoir garden and the musee de Montmartre. Visitors to Montmartre only see the shops and the caricaturists plying their trade on the streets of Montmartre. Few are interested enough to venture beyond just a little ways.

 Here in the museum are displays of some of the work of the artists who hung out here including Toulouse Latrec. Here is a recreation of Suzanne Valladon's bedroom and studio, simple and dignified. What else do you need to create and paint.

 It was raining but I'm used to visiting in the rain after all that rain in Norway. After that visit I went to the musee d'Orsay but was put off by the crowd. I had to walk through the Tuilleries garden and I've never seen it so lovely before. I've always visited Paris during the off season and only this time in summer.
The Tuilleries was so lovely. I had lunch at a cafe on the left bank. Paris is still the loveliest city bar none.

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