Monday, August 17, 2015

Vienna, last day

 Imagine living in an apartment where everyday thousands of people stand at the bottom, looking up and taking pictures. This was the scene at Hundertwasserhaus when I arrived to join in this throng of people and be guilty of ogling at this place. This is the unusual apartment built by painter Hundertwasser, first name Friedsdenreich, born of a Jewish mother, changed his religion and name and survived Nazi occupied Austria. His concept is that nature and man should coexist more closely. He thinks there should be a tree or a forest growing on you roof or coming from your window. The brochures constantly remind us that real people live here, they are not zoo animals. In a way he is like Gaudi.

 He said why should there be just a grey concrete pillar. Indeed why not add some colored broken tiles.

 A few hundred meters away is the Kunsthaus Wein, this is the museum that displays his artwork. its another of his concept building except we are allowed to enter. The thing that stomped me was the irregular floor, its undulating and it takes a little getting used to. I'd say it was damn irritating! 'The real illiteracy is our inability to create.' I quote Hundertwasser.

 There is a cute cafe in the back.
 Watch where you're going because them stairs are uneven but they are cute.

'Nature is so luxuriant, why are humans so restricted?'
'To paint is a religious activity'
His art is so original, his color palette is so original. In 1936 when he attended Montessori, his report refers to his unusual sense of color and form. Indeed, it shows! Its been a really inspirational day. What a way to end my trip to Vienna. I leave tomorrow for Frankfurt, just for a night to break the long trip between here and Paris. I continue on to Paris the day after.

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