Friday, August 28, 2015

St Ives, Cornwall

 Well, every major endeavor starts with either tea and cake or a full English breakfast. I had the veggie breakfast yesterday but decided on a real one this morning. I had this in St Ives, Cornwall, I took the bus there from Penzance, it took about half an hour, through lots of country lanes, so narrow that only one car can pass at a time. Some of the houses practically have their front door right in front of the street that if you're not careful you could be run over just getting out your front door.

Lots of cute shops, it promised fine weather today and there was sun. Lots of English people were at the beach, this weekend being a bank holiday. St Ives was bustling and humming. I leave for London tomorrow. And for home on September 1. Its been three months and my legs are ready. I need a vacation when I get home.

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