Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Kristiansand, Norway

I'm in Kristiansand right now, got here by train from Stavanger this morning. We went through some beautiful countryside. I'm sad because this is my last stop in Norway, no more beautiful mountains and fjords. The bus and train stations and the ferry are next to each other and I'm in a hotel right across from all of them. I have my ferry ticket already and tomorrow at 8am I sail over to Hirtshal, Denmark, takes 3 and 1/2 hours. I should be in Denmark for 7 to 8 days then its onward to Berlin. I'm more than half way through my trip and I'm glad. I can't wait to get home to put everything together. I feel better now because I know I've captured enough to put together a few books. Its been very hard going because of the strangeness of these countries. I'm more comfortable with Northern Europe but the Nordic countries was tough going. It was the unknown that had me stomped but once I got into town the friendliness of the people made everything alright. Its been really good because it forced me out of my shell.

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