Sunday, August 30, 2015

Home soon

 I left the hostel early this morning to explore some of the secret places of London. I've heard of this community garden near Covent garden. You enter through a little street called St Giles passage. I love it that in London there are maps of where you are everywhere, so you can figure out how to get to where you're going. I found this with no trouble at all. It is staffed by volunteers and they're always needing volunteers so this place doesn't look as hot as it can.

There were some blackberry brambles. I didn't eat these. I just took some pictures. Don't they look luscious? The season is surely changing. When I arrived 3 months ago these were just flowers. Today they are ripe for the picking. After this, I walked out and heard church bells. They were the church bells of St Martin in the fields. I attended church and even had Holy Communion. Then I went to have lunch at my Auntie Mary's house with her and my cousin, Rebecca. England is very special, to me.

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