Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frankfurt, Germany

Photos are not of Frankfurt but the shop I went to yesterday at Hundertwasserhaus village. I just arrived in Frankfurt a few hours ago by train. I was going to connect here for Paris but decided it is too long a travel time. So I'm staying the night at a hostel across the street from the train station and continuing my journey tomorrow morning. I'll be in Paris for a few days and by this Saturday I should be heading back to London. I probably have 2 more weeks in England and will then head for home. Frankfurt is a very cosmopolitan city, its more like North Africa than Germany. Its a working person's city, no cool or hip eateries, just restaurants that serve stick to your ribs food. Its a food paradise because of the variety. There are also lots of sex shops and live sex shows. It has the feel of a silk road bazaar. I like it and I'm glad I made the stop.

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