Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Danish, a pastry

 Breakfast this morning was a coffee and a Danish. This is a proper and authentic Danish. I was in North Zealnd in the town of Helsingor. It was a shipping town but now its laid back and sleepy. There are ferries that goes back and forth between it and its sister city across the channel in Sweden, Helsingborg. Things are cheaper in Sweden especially alcohol, so lots of Danes goes across to Sweden to shop for most things especially for booze.
 For lunch, of course, the proverbial 'smorresbrod' or open sandwiches. These were really good and they had a wonderful selection.
 Food is cheaper in Helsingor than in Copenhagen. Here was a wonderful selection of open face sandwiches. I just noticed the Danes don't put a top layer of bun on their burgers either.
These are the famous Danish cookies that sent to all over the world except I've never seen them in these containers.

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