Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crook Hall and Garden

 Click on pictures for a bigger view. The pictures are so beautiful and I do say so. I talked to one of the groundsmen about how I like it that the trend is to leave a wild patch in every garden. He said its not as easy as it looked. The ground has to be tilled and turned over so that a great number of variety of wild flowers will sprout and bloom otherwise it becomes boring if it doesn't have the variety.
 A small family was picnicking on the grounds. It was a lovely warm and sunny day.

 Painting of Crook Hall. This has been here for many centuries.
 It sits on a hill and the vistas are just as amazing. Its so perfect.
 Here is a view of Durham cathedral.
 The fruit garden which is mostly apple trees.
The moat garden and the gardens just go on and on. You can just spend the whole day there soaking it in and not want to leave. Its that intoxicating. I strongly recommend seeing this place. I will come back next summer!

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