Thursday, June 25, 2015

Back in Stockholm, Sweden

 Memories of a mid sommar celebration that's past. I think I'm coming back next year for mid sommar again.
 There are fragrant wild roses everywhere. Its so delightful, it makes me smile the whole time I see them.

 Saffranpannkaka or saffron pancake is actually a rice  pudding. Here is a pan of it at Leva Kungslador and next to it are the whipped cream and the jam.
 The bathroom at Leva Kungslador, even their bathroom are prettier.
The dining room at Leva Kungslador, most people prefer to eat outdoors. There were lots of seating outdoors.
Today is a travel day. I left Visby this morning by ferry, this time it was a smaller boat. The sea was choppy and we did rocked and rolled on board. The great thing was the nightmare of going back to Stockholm was solved. We didn't have to take the bus to Vasterrhaninge and from there take the commuter train back to Stockholm train station. There was a bus and for 109seks took us all the way back to Stockholm. So I'm now sharing a room with some guys at another hostel. Much as Stockholm is so beautiful, I still hate cities. I can't wait to get out into the countryside. So tomorrow I'm going to the Lake district of Sweden. I did clean my room in Visby, imagine paying USD140 per night, they make me clean my room or they'll charge another USD30! For that amount I can have a fancy meal at another Leva Kungslador. I bring my own sheets too because hostels charge a rental of USD10. At that rate I'll slowly slip into insolvency. Bringing my own prevents that. Good thing wi-fi is free. In London its 2.50 pounds for 24 hours. When I get back to London I'm going to do all my work at the Apple store! wi-fi is free at the Apple store. Besides I have an iPhone and a Macbook Air. This is the age of the digital nomads.

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