Thursday, June 11, 2015

Grassmere, Lake district, England

 Grassmere is where they make the best gingerbread in the world at Sarah Nelson's. Its a small cottage but the smell of butter and ginger just fills the whole room. It was so incredible. I've read so much about it but I'm finally here. Wow!

 Time for some gingerbread. They were good. I'd like to go back to Grassmere if I have time. There are so many places to explore yet. One can stay here for weeks and not see everything. There are a lot of ramblers in town. You just pack a little supplies and just walk. Its so beautiful.
 Wordsworth lived here and his cottage is down the street. I haven't been to Dove cottage yet. I did go to his grave. I hope some of his talents rubs off on me.

One of his poems was about daffodils and this garden where he was buried is called Wordsworth daffodil garden but it was too late in the year for daffodils. The rhododendrons are in full bloom.

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