Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Leva Kungslador, Visby, Gotland

 Leva Kungslador is a garden center outside of Visby town center. There wasn't much gardening going on, just a few pots of something but it is more a boutique and restaurant than a garden center in the real sense of the word. There are lots of seating outside and inside and it has this incredible restaurant where they make and bake everything and they have a store where they sell their eco friendly stuff.

 The apple orchard with even more seating. I've read it can get so busy that every seat can be occupied.

 This is the store where they sell odds and ends including dewberry jam.

Inside the restaurant is a library but who has the time to read here. I guess its an ongoing project, later I think they're going to add a hotel or something. Its probably a work in progress but it is very popular among the locals. Few visitors venture out there. I took bus number 10 from the main bus station and it took 10 minutes. Just ask to be let off at Kungslador. I walked back. If you get out there and if you do walk back to town, when you get to the first traffic circle, turn left and head down to the coast and take the coastal road back. I followed the sign that said turn right for centrum and it took some twist and turn and it was the longer route and I had to ask for directions twice. Otherwise it is a very pleasant walk back.

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