Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Last day in Visby, Gotland

 My usual coffee shop where I start the morning with a slice of saffron pancake, saffranpannkaka which is actually not a pancake. It is a rice pudding with cream and eggs and baked like a frittata, then sliced and eaten with whipped cream and dewberry jam. Dewberry is only available in Gotland but it taste very much like lingonberry. Then I waited for the bus to take me out to Leva Kungslador, a garden center 10 minutes by bus number 10. I walked around old town Visby and shot some more pictures.

 The walk back from Leva Kungslador, took me 40 minutes.
 On the way back I shot what I saw, more cute gardens.
 This is a view of old town Visby with people milling around the shops and restaurants.

Its time to say goodbye and move on. I'm going back by tomorrow's ferry and head to Falun, the lake district of Sweden.

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