Friday, June 12, 2015

Hill Top farm and Beatrix Potter

 She was very young when she and Norman Warne fell in love and became secretly engaged. She left on holiday to the Lake district as she and her family usually did. They promised to write everyday. She did but he never replied. She went back to London to his house, his sitter answered the door. It was then she found out that they had just buried him, he died very suddenly. I can only imagine how a young person could bear that kind of heartache. She placed all her efforts into her work. She bought Hill Top farm and her family thought it was a joke. But she was very serious, she bought more land around it.

In this world, and at any day and age, we need courageous people. People who march to the beat of their own drum. People who doesn't care about being ridiculed. We need authentic people. They leave behind the most binding of legacies. The area is so lovely, its beyond words.Its 2 miles from Hawkshead but there is a shuttle that goes back and forth.

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